uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

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utorrentlogo uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

uTorrent is a wonderful program for downloading files quickly and easily. However, sometimes when you are dealing with very large files (10+ gigs), uTorrent will give a Disk Overload 100% error, and shut down your connection. When this occurs, uTorrent cuts your download rate to around 10k per second, and will prevent uploading. This is because when dealing with a large file, the disk cache runs out, causing uTorrent to limit your connection until your disk cache is no longer full. There is an easy solution for this that will prevent this error from occurring.

1. Open uTorrent, and click on Options, then Preferences. Click the + next to Advanced, then click on Disk Cache.

2. Click the checkbox next to Override automatic cache size and specify the size manually (MB). In the Box next to this, put 1700.

3. Check all remaining boxes on the page except for Increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing. Leave this unchecked.

4. Click on General, then check the box next to: Pre-allocate all files.

5. Click Ok.

You can close the program and restart it, and now try your download. You may see Disk Overload sometimes, but it should never hit 100%. Your connection should become more stable, allowing you to download the file at a much faster rate then before. If you have any questions, look at the screen shots below. Note: My version of uTorrent is 3.0 build 25583, 32 bit. If you are using a previous version you may want to upgrade.

utorrent screen1 uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

utorrent screen2 uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix

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56 Responses to “uTorrent: Disk Overload 100% Error Fix”

  1. tarzanNo Gravatar says:

    Nice..now works perfectly on utorrent 3.0


  2. FoxNo Gravatar says:

    Ah, thank you very much. I knew there was a certain combination required to get this working well with multiple large torrents, but couldn’t remember what it was or where I found the information.


  3. BUILDER MANNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for sharing this solution, it worked perfectly on utorrent 3.0 for me


  4. DylanNo Gravatar says:



  5. AlisonBNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! This worked for me with version 3.1.2


  6. ShreyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a lot for this. I thought my laptop is giving up on me, after MPC-HC failed last night. Whew!


  7. KrazykevsterNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks so much…. been pulling out what little hair I have left! Cheers


  8. simonNo Gravatar says:

    Well, tried a few things than haven’t worked, hope this does…


  9. simonNo Gravatar says:

    …and it has!! :)


  10. PeggyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks so much this has been driving me nuts. I can’t believe my upload speeds now. I can definitely live with this


  11. BillNo Gravatar says:

    Thnaks a million man. Worked perfectly


  12. AdamNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks so much for this fix, didn’t take a minute.


  13. ArtemisKittyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you SO much for this fix! It was driving me mad, I’d even gone so far as to format the laptop again and reinstall Windows 7 with minimal background apps (symantec corp. A/V that I have from my job and the minimum needed ATI apps etc.) – made sure dropbox was off, nothing else could possibly be tying up bandwidth, and it STILL kept freezing up/crashing until I changed this. (I might even go back to the beta version now that I know what was causing the issue – I almost pulled my hair out last night when wiping all traces + installing the non-beta still didn’t fix it…)
    Any particular reason for 1700MB? (Curious…)


  14. ThatJoeGuyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! This ‘overload’ was severely pissing me off!


  15. apsheronNo Gravatar says:

    Ever since disk overload events (always 100%) started to occur, I was increasing the number until earlier today it reached 88000 – yes, 88 GB.

    I found your article right after to add insult utorrent crashed in the usual manner. Once restarted, and while the two torrents I’d been downloading were ‘Checking’, its settings were changed to yours. The speeds are restored to their capable norms, and a disk overload hasn’t happened as I type this.

    The rest of the settings, I suspect, not the number 1700, is what stabilizes the client. My Disk Cache settings of course reached 1700 at an early point of its year-and-half-long way to 88 GB but had to continue to climb.

    Thank you.


  16. StefanNo Gravatar says:

    A quick and smooth fix. Thanks!


  17. Dmet101No Gravatar says:

    Gotta say – brilliant
    although I made a mistake and entered 170mb and not 1700 – and it still worked perfectly for me – download speeds contstantly at max (as per my SIP) upload speeds constantly at max
    brilliant –
    I playd a little with the manual cache size spec – my server is very slow processor but lots of ram/disk storage – anything over 99mb and disk overload error didnt appear – same file download
    So thanks!


  18. LucyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you so much. Finally, a solution found by googling.


  19. ArieNo Gravatar says:

    Many thanks! I figured it should’ve been something like this. Without the cache it only went 1MB max now full.


  20. kopkiloooNo Gravatar says:

    Life saving! Tyvm!


  21. JonatanNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you so much for this, worked like a charm on a newly formatted W7 desktop. Went from disk overloading @ ~2MB/s to downloading @ 12-13MB/s stable.


  22. meroNo Gravatar says:

    worked on utorrent 2.1.1, Thanks!


  23. Ice machinENo Gravatar says:

    thanks, worked just fine :-)


  24. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    I have try many other peoples methods for fix the disk overload problem,and none have worked. This method worked very well,thank you.


  25. user78No Gravatar says:

    Thank you sooooo muchhh!!!! worked instantly!!!


  26. mastermaltNo Gravatar says:

    Instant fix to a perplexing problem! Thank you!!!!!


  27. SudeepNo Gravatar says:


    Thanks for the great fix..
    Btw can you tell why we use 1700. Just curious!
    And do you have any other tips to optimize uploads and downloads speed.
    Also before this fix if I had two large(25gb+) torrents my torrent clients(both utorr & bittorr) were crashing. Will they crash now?
    Checking is pain in the ass//

    Thanks again


  28. MakkyNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks a lot sir. I was wondering why my downloading speed goes to 10KB/Sec. But now they are back to 1.5MB/Sec thanks once again…TA


  29. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    The 1,700MiB limit would be due to μtorrent being a 32bit application.
    32bit applications are only able to address 2GiB of memory on Windows.


  30. OM_GNo Gravatar says:

    Great Fix, you made my day!


  31. BooblyNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you, works like a charm with utorrent 3.1.3


  32. BaloneNo Gravatar says:

    not working. the cache is growing till 1700 and then disk overload happens. when i exit utorrent, the huge (1.7GB) task utorrent.exe stays alive forever, apparently unsuccessfully releasing the huge cache chunk of cache onto the disk, locking the resources.


  33. Looks like a memory leak. Uninstall uTorrent and re-install it and try again. That may clear it up.


  34. BaloneNo Gravatar says:

    post scriptum to post “June 11, 2012 at 1:13 PM”. tried downgrading to 3.0 and it works.


  35. joeNo Gravatar says:

    did not work for me on utorrent 3.1 the disk overloaded thing is gone but still stuck at 8kb speed.


  36. TerryNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks. I have 3.1 and this worked for me. Too bad I didn’t find your page sooner (-;


  37. SFHNo Gravatar says:

    Worked on 3.1.3 !


  38. ToniNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! At last I got rid of that freaking annoying bug…


  39. AmrNo Gravatar says:

    Dude I love you man
    you Fixed an annoying Bug that has been annoying me for so long
    I wish I could talk to you and thank you in person


  40. KunalNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks man worked great for me even on bittorrent 7.6.1 .Thanks :)


  41. ikiNo Gravatar says:

    That solved it, back at constant full speed! Thanks a bunch dude!


  42. ThanksNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks so much!!!


  43. Mary DNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


  44. XerBladeNo Gravatar says:

    I’d been trying to figure this one out for ages. It was only just now that I actually noticed the Disk Overload message (I must be blind), Googled it and came up with this. Finally, everything works for the first time in… who knows how long.


  45. FilipNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks. Works great.


  46. factorNo Gravatar says:

    This solution worked perfectly, thank you very much


  47. TMT.CATNo Gravatar says:

    Thank So Much!


  48. chirdNo Gravatar says:



  49. someoneNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you! This actually worked very beautiful, I didn’t even needed to restart the client. On a very seeded torrent I had a maximum download speed of 10-12 MB/s, and in about 5 seconds it dropped down to 2 MB/s from this disk overload. During this download I made the changes described and my speed directly popped up to 18-20 MB/s. It worked!!!!


  50. [...] under uTorrent Advanced? Mine is set to 128 right now… Scratch that, I just did this: http://www.psychcomp.com/utorrent-di…100-error-fix/ (anyone have any reasons not to? Last edited by Ensiferum; 23 Minutes Ago at 03:34 PM. [...]


  51. CJNo Gravatar says:

    The only thing to be aware of when manually overriding the size of the disk cache is that anything in cache/RAM that has not been fully written out to disk will be lost in the event of an unexpected shutdown or if utorrent crashes. With the cache set to 1700MB, this could mean having to re-download over 1.5GB in the event of a crash.

    Not a massive drama for most, but I would suggest that users play around with the specified cache size and find a smaller number that still prevents the Disk overload. Something around 256MB should be fine for most users unless they are downloading/seeding many very large torrents.



  52. WassNo Gravatar says:

    thanks, it worked perfectly for utorrent 3.1.3, boosted download rate from 9kbps to 96.3kbps!


  53. MTBOANo Gravatar says:

    Great man, you really helped me out.


  54. MilkyNo Gravatar says:

    awesome. Perfect, quick, and easy fix.


  55. HDfanNo Gravatar says:

    Does not work! Helps for small files, but not large ones. It’s not a fix. Just a woround for small file downloaders.


  56. yepNo Gravatar says:

    Thank’s so much! Now it works!


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