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Windows Server 2008 is a fantastic Server OS, so much so many people use Windows Server 2008 in place of Windows Vista as their desktop OS. Often Microsoft allows free trials of their software for evaluation. Windows Server 2008 has an initial 60 day activation period where the user can use the operating system fully. After 60 days, Microsoft allows users to extend their license for another 60 days. This can be done three times, allowing for a total of 240 days of free use. This is a great deal, and allows users to see how the OS will run for long periods of time.

Normally the process to extend the evaluation process is easy. First, you check to see how many days you have left in your current evaluation. To do that, go to your start menu, right click on command prompt, and choose Run as Administrator. Now, in the command prompt, type in the following:

slmgr.vbs -dli

A small window will appear and tell you how long you have in your evaluation. To rearm and extend your evaluation, in the same command prompt window, type the following:

slmgr.vbs –rearm

A small window will appear and state it was successful, and ask you to reboot your computer.

However, sometimes it refuses to work. When you try to rearm, you may get this warning:

slmgr error Slmgr.vbs –rearm Error

The problem is the program thinks your looking for a server called -rearm. To solve this, you need to put in the name of your computer, and then the rearm command. For example, if your computer name is business, the command would look like the following:

slmgr.vbs business -rearm

Now Windows knows the name of the computer it can apply the extension to. It should now work as normal. If this fails, try putting the name of the computer, the username, and then the password. Below is an example, however this did not work for me:

slmgr.vbs business username password -rearm

Try different combinations to see if it works. If all these steps fail, try the same commands from the run box, sometimes things work better for some reason if ran there.

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