BP Oil Leak – Stopped? Can We Believe Them?

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oil clear1 BP Oil Leak   Stopped? Can We Believe Them?

BP Claims today of finally capping the Oil leak, 85 days from the beginning of the disaster. A new cap was set in place, which appears to be working to finally stop the devastating oil gusher. The question is: will this work long term, or are we being fooled yet again?

From the beginning of the oil spill accurate information has been hard to find. We still do not know for sure how many gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf, as official estimates speculate between 93 and 184 million. A spill cam has been around showing the leak in real time. Now, if viewed, nothing appears to be coming from the leak. Of course, they could have changed to a different camera; however in doing so, and discovered, would be very negative publicity. The question remains if the current cap will hold.

The main enemy is pressure. If massive pressure builds up beneath the cap, it could cause another explosion, that could be much worse. Explosions could occur at other places as well. A cap needs to be tried, as it is the best method to contain the spill, but there is risk. We can only hope this cap holds. We need to monitor this cap for months, maybe even years, to make sure we notice any problems.

All we can do now is hope and wait. BP may be telling the truth and this may work. If not, then they might as well go bankrupt and shut down, given all the bad PR. That would also be devastating, as a Bankrupt BP will not clean up anything nor compensate anyone. If this is not the final solution, BP going bankrupt is a real possibility.

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